Our Business Intelligence data services enable you to get value from raw data by transforming it. We have the experience and expertise to turn your data into insights with the application of traditional methodologies and advanced algorithms for better informed business decision making  from strategic, operational and financial perspective.

DATA EDIFICATION offers wide range of services in Advisory, Professional and Support areas which could be tailored based on your requirements. Some of the typical services are Business Intelligence road map creation, End-to-End Data Warehousing Implementation, Data Quality and Master Data Management services, Data Modeling and more helping organizations to take advantage of the data and assist them take strategic and tactical levels decisions.

Our BI experts bring deep understanding and experience across business domain and technology which help companies to optimize and leverage their existing IT investments, understand their data and unearth the hidden insights through a suite of services across data warehousing, analytics, data discovery initiatives.​

Some of the key services in Business Intelligence space are provided below: