The data growth in today’s world is unparalleled from new sources like mobile, blogs, social media, internet search, and sensor networks. It is foretold that the digitally stored data we will possess by 2020 would be around 40 Zettabytes (40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes)!

​That’s a mind boggling bulk of data! Forward-thinking organizations are realizing that to facilitate and intelligently consume this blizzard of data, they require newfangled and groundbreaking methods. They know that their ability to process and astutely consume this information is the only key to success in the era of big data and beyond.

Such organizations are looking for brainy analytics solutions to handle the mammoth growth of data and also able to draw perceptively acumen from their data, to experience an exponential growth in business. We helps such organizations convert titanic data into an intelligent business support system and take strategic decisions impacting business growth.

At DATA EDIFICATION, we measure our success in terms of business benefits that you get from our solutions. We partner with you from conceptualization through implementation and then maintenance and support as per your business needs.

Data technology landscape over the years has become complicated with wide array for tools and technologies to choose from; the exercise can be daunting. With our expertise in and experience with these technologies, we can help you sort through the complex technology maze and make the right decision on technologies and tools that are right- fit for your organization. We bring industry understanding, our data expertise, and deep technical experience to partner with you in solving your business problems. We have a qualified pool of technical professionals to provide you with advisory, implementation and support services.

DATA EDIFICATION End-2-End Advisory, Professional and Support Services covering the Analytics Landscape

DATA EDIFICATION is a young, vivacious and dedicated company focused on helping organizations drive maximum intelligence and decipher unprecedented insights from their growing data assets. The company is founded by professionals with extensive expertise and experience in the field of Analytics combined with strong business acumen.

We offer services in very competitive and flexible commercial models including subscription based Analytic offerings to clients.

Our resilient expertise in Data Management, Descriptive, Predictive & Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Social Media; Mobile based Business Intelligence Solutions, and Integrated Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions offers very effective decision making backbone to any organization.

​​DATA EDIFICATION is dedicated to client success with our robust, scalable, high-performance Big Data, BI and Analytics framework solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions and work as your partner in success journey, from conceptualization to implementation-maintenance-support of the Analytical solution. Key areas of services are provided below, these services are can be tailored.

Analytics is creating profound new opportunities for businesses to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage.

To realize the value of big data, organizations need strategic—and not merely technological solutions. Our strategy and analytical expertise help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value.

Some of the key offerings but not limited to are:

  • Health / Capability Assessment
  • Architecture Roadmap (As-is and To-Be)
  • Business & Data Discovery Consulting
  • Technology Platform Sizing / Assessment

Data Edification offers professional Services in the space of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics area as well as Analytics-as-a-service model. Our unique proposition focusing on specialized industry specific use-case scenarios bring loads of value to business.

Our experts bring deep understanding and experience across business domain and technology which help companies to optimize and leverage their existing IT investments, understand their data and unearth the hidden insights through a suite of services across data warehousing, analytics, data discovery initiatives.

Our services are flexible for customized business models meeting client’s requirements, we have some of the mature frameworks in the areas of HR analytics, Customer Analytics, Spend Analytics, to name few. Please note that we believe that every client is unique with unique needs which should be tailored made to fit there requirements leveraging the productivity gain from some of our in-house powered technology and functional assets.

DATAEDIFICATION offers support services in the areas of Big Data, Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics.

With bright technology focused highly qualified pool of professional team, we offer excellent services for consulting, implementation and support areas.

We provide support services with 24X7 models for maintenance & support of production environments and release and change management customized to meet your needs.

At Data Edification, we understand the power of learning and focus on enabling your team to be the industry leaders. We have specialized programs for individuals, universities, corporates for executive education on some of the next-generation technologies which are in high-demand likes of:

  • Big Data (Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Spark, MapR, Yarn, Oziee & Sqoop)
  • Advanced Analytics (R Analytics)
  • Business Intelligence & Data Visualization (Yellowfin, Tableau, Qlik and other leading tools)
  • Data Management (MDM, ETL tools)

All these trainings are focused on enabling you / your team to take up the challenges of the real-world and come-out as winner. Our trainings are structured in three different modules – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced for different target audiences ranging from Leadership teams to freshers. Also, we can customized these trainings to match your expectations.

Our specialized offering of Lab-Learn focuses on setting up a lab in your premise or on cloud and providing exhaustive training (theory & live-projects) ensures that you / your team is industry ready. We provide executive / corporate trainings on all the leading products.

Accelerating the Advent of a Better World through Data


Business Intelligence Services focusing on data management, data integration, data modeling, business reporting & dashboard services 


Advanced Analytics services are focused on forecasting, predictive modeling, advanced algorithms, regression models and similar services.


Big Data services are focused on utilizing the power of Hadoop to handle unstructured / structured, high volume of data to provide analytics capabilities

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